-Dan Guy-

Cincinnati, OH

" I went to work and when I got back home I had a new roof it was great. "

-Robert Chappell-

Cincinnati, OH

" Carthage Roofing looked at my sons roof he had been denied by insurance already with there help my son now has a new roof they also re-roofed one of my rental properties through insurance thank you Carthage Roofing. "

-Audrey Wavra-

Cincinnati, OH

" “There knowledgeable roof inspector Rob was a joy to work with gave me information on time throughout the process and treated me like family I will use them again. "

-Lena Madaris-

Dayton, OH

" I didn’t think I had damage to my roof I was skeptical on the whole process that insurance would pay for me a new roof. Now I have a new roof thanks to Carthage Roofing. "

-Ray Jackson-

Northern, KY

" Everyone in my neighborhood was getting a new roof so I called Carthage Roofing they were professional and honest and let me know that my roof was in good shape. I referred them to my neighbor who had damage and they did his roof it looks good "

-Lamont Brown-

Cincinnati, OH

" My new roof makes my house look brand new again and it was all done in just one day unbelievable. "

-Mark Godbold-

Dayton, OH

" Carthage Contractors did a great job on my project and they were super professional I would recommend them to a friend. "